Available November 17, 2023

The Christmas Sugar Bowl

Nora Addams has lived with her grandmother in her Victorian home in Holly Cove, an hour and a half outside New York City, for the last seven years. Her grandmother is everything to her. Gram has been a bit down since the start of the holiday season. After a sad Thanksgiving, Nora Addams is on a mission. She’s determined to make this Christmas the best one her grandmother has had in years. And it all hinges on finding the sugar bowl that was accidentally sold or donated during a yard sale almost a decade ago. It’s the only missing piece from her grandmother’s heirloom Christmas china set. When she and her best friend Cindy come up empty, she never expects to find someone as determined as Peter McCormick is to find the sugar bowl. What kind of guy would take time away from his thrift store’s busiest season to help a complete stranger track down an antique sugar bowl?

Peter McCormickowns The Good Old Days, a thrift store in New York City. Unfortunately, his little store is in the red and not in a Christmas kind of way. Christmas is a week away and his storefront window lacks as much cheer as Peter does. Determined to give his little store a push in sales and still reeling from a breakup, he wants to get the decorating of his store window over with. With decorations in one hand and a strand of lights wrapped around his body to save time, he walks out into his store to find Nora Addams standing there. Nora’s long lost sugar bowl story touches his broken heart and he becomes determined to find it for her. After all, he had a grandmother once too. And there’s something about Nora he just can’t forget.

Never have two people needed each other as much as Nora and Peter do. Can a quest to find something as sweet as an old sugar bowl bring them together as the Christmas clock ticks away?

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Available September 1, 2022

Christmas Is a Time for Romance at an 1880s Department Store.

Christmas Romances in One Collection – Woolworth’s Five and Dime is a magical place to work at Christmastime, but will it also be a place to fall in love in 1881?

Maggie Larson works the lunch counter where she befriends a girl who’s lonely father delivers milk each Friday. Hattie Scott learns her favorite customer is Englishman Timothy Branson and a threat to her brother’s job. Essie Hensley doesn’t need money but welcomes the challenges of working a job where she meets a minister and six little boys who inspire Christmas wishes. A job is the only thing independent orphan Lizzie Miller needs, but she can’t pass up an invite to a bookkeeper’s family Christmas.

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NEW RELEASE!! April 27, 2022

Turtle Pond at Serenity

Teddi Lane has returned to Serenity Sound for an overnight stay. After the way she left her aunt’s house six years ago, the idea of clearing out the house has her torn between the present and the past. The last thing she expects are conditions to her aunt’s will. Having to stay an extra day to be present at the dedication of the town preserve in her aunt’s name is one thing, but having to help get the house ready for the new owner is another. When she finds out the new owner is her former fiancé, Charlie Heart, she’s angry at her aunt for forcing her to spend time with the man she hasn’t seen in twelve years.
Why would her aunt do this to her?

Charlie Heart hadn’t expected he’d be buying Louisa Lane’s house so soon. Sure, they’d shook on the idea but he’d thought it would happen years from now. When Louisa Lane passes away suddenly, he’s forced to sign the sale papers before he’s had a chance to think. Then to make matters worse he finds his former fiancé, Teddi Lane, standing in the preserve he’s been managing since he came back home and brought his conservation dreams with him. Suddenly what once felt right doesn’t feel right anymore.

Can two people who had once planned a future together and let it go, pick up where they left off?

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Previously published in the Amazon bestselling collection, Faithful Women: Legacies of Grace, Ruth’s Garden is now available as a single title!

Ruth Baker has lost her husband, her job and her home. Unsure of what to do with her life next, she responds to her grandmother’s call for help as the ninety-year-old woman waits for a room in a assisted living facility. Though she’s still healing from huge changes in her own life, and torn about leaving her home, she travels to the shores of Long Island to help her grandmother prepare for a big change in her life. Though she has no idea what the future will bring, she hangs on to her faith that God will answer her prayers.

Eli Hamill has been feeling the pull to put down roots. After buying and selling houses in the blink of an eye, his latest project, elderly Eleanora Duncan’s beachside home, has him doing something he’s never done before – live in the house until he has made the sale. From the moment he laid eyes on it, he knew the house was a gem. Although living in one of his sale properties doesn’t follow his usual protocol, it seems like nothing about this deal has. And the last thing he had planned on was getting involved with the seller’s granddaughter, Ruth Baker. Or her adorable six-year-old daughter, Mara.

Can an old house filled with loving memories and a sweet little girl show two lonely people what the future can hold?

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New Release – Christmas Book 2018!

The Christmas Coin

The Christmas Coin cover

After her grandmother’s death, Sammie finds herself thinking about the Christmas Coin and all the sweet memories attached to it. She decides to take a trip back to her grandmother’s house in Holly Hamlet, Vermont to find it. With the impending sale of the house, all Sammie wants as a keepsake of her grandmother is the coin and the story that she still holds close to her heart. With fifty years of possessions tucked inside the house, she realizes she has her work cut out for her. When the little girl next door innocently mentions the Christmas story, Sammie realizes that Ally could be the key to her finding the Christmas coin. As the weekend goes by, Sammie becomes attached to Ally, and subsequently her single father Jack. Her plans begin to change more than she could have imagined.

Jack Stevens had heard about the impending arrival of his neighbor Mary Holt’s granddaughter. Seeing her bright red hair and immaculate red mustang, he knows a woman like that is just making a quick stop to get whatever it is she came to Holly Hamlet for. But as he and his six-year-old daughter Ally spend time with Sammie, he begins to see her in a different light. As he finds himself inviting Sammie to join he and Ally in their Christmas traditions, he worries about his little girl. She’s already had one woman walk out on her life. Sammie had told him she was only in town for a day or two. Seeing his daughter’s attachment to Sammie, and ignoring his own growing feelings for her, he’s worried about Ally’s heart breaking when Sammie leaves town.

Will a decades old tradition and the sparkle of Christmas work its magic on two people who both need a gift that can’t fit under the tree?

Available exclusively on Amazon: The Christmas Coin


Howls and Hearts

Howls & Hearts cover

Jessie Daniels moved to Phillips Village for a fresh start. After a bad breakup and her parents selling the family home, she’s ready to put down roots somewhere new. It was love at first sight when she visited Phillips Village and an offer to work with animals at the town shelter are all she needs to make the move. After seven months in town, she’s enjoying living in the apartment in the Phillips House and devoting all her time to the animals who need her. Just as she’s forgetting the incident that led her to break off her engagement, Mark Sherman shows up and disrupts her peaceful single loving life.

Mark Sherman will do whatever it takes to get back in his father’s good graces, after breaking an engagement that cost his father a merger between the company and his ex-fiancé’s family company. He plans on being all business when he goes back to Phillips Village to clean out and sell his grandmother’s cottage. The sweet memories of his childhood summers with his grandmother hit him harder than he expected. He’d also vowed not to get involved with another woman. When a stubborn basset hound finds its way into his truck, he has no choice but to bring along to the house where he’s rented an apartment. When he meets fellow tenant Jessie Daniels, he knows he’s in deep.

Is it the magic he’d always believed surrounded Grandma Lettia’s cottage or the sweet little basset hound that seems to be pulling he and Jessie closer together?

Available exclusively on Amazon: Howls and Hearts


The Silvershell Beach Inn

The Silvershell Beach Inn

Blindsided by a broken engagement, Jacy Penna hastily throws an overnight bag together and leaves New York City, heading to the place that never changes – her grandmother’s house in the small town of Marion, Massachusetts. But in her haste she forgot about Zach Silva, the local boy that broke her heart when she was fifteen years old. Hoping to spend some time reliving sweet memories of summers past with her grandmother, Jacy is blindsided again when she finds out her grandmother has sold the house – to Zach Silva’s family. Determined to avoid running into Zach during her short visit, Jacy soon finds out that while nothing stays the same, love endures.

Zach Silva has come home to The Silvershell Beach Inn, his family’s elegant seaside inn, for as long as it takes to step down from his part in the family business. Sure his life is back in New York City, he’s ready to leave small town Marion in his rear view mirror. But he’s never completely forgotten the summer he said goodbye to his teenage sweetheart, Jacy Penna.

Always fond of Jacy’s grandmother, he convinced his family to buy Jacy’s grandmother’s house and bring the aging grandmother to cook at the inn. Augusta’s Portuguese specialty meals will bring a touch of the Silva family’s culture to the Inn. He hasn’t heard a word about Jacy in years. Sure she’ll never return to Marion, he’s shocked to find her sunning on Silvershell Beach. Seeing Jacy brings back too many memories and he begins to doubt his future plans.

Will one weekend back in the small town where memories of summer love still haunt them both be enough to help Jacy forgive and Zach find where his future really lies?

Available exclusively on Amazon:  The Silvershell Beach Inn


Rapunzel’s Lighthouse


Georgie Daniels rarely leaves the cottage attached to the Salt Cliffs lighthouse, except when necessary for a trip into town for food. For the last two years, since the lighthouse was declared a historic landmark, she’s lived in the cottage out of sight and, she hopes, out of the minds of the town. With the defunct lighthouse in arrears and in disrepair, she knows it’s only a matter of time before the lighthouse will be on the auction block of the town hall’s steps. With long hair that no one has seen before, except in the fabled fairy tale Rapunzel, things were going well until new neighbor Colby Ford shows up on her doorstep.

Colby Ford didn’t intend to retire from the Navy, at least not right now. When he finds himself with an injury that pushes him into an early retirement, the possibility of opening a sailing school in the coastal town of Salt Cliffs is his only hope. Renting the Moore cottage, he needs to find the right location for his school and a place to store the boats. While in town, a conversation with a store keeper makes his curiosity about the lighthouse burn even stronger – what kind of woman lives alone in a defunct lighthouse? In need of paint for the cottage porch, he pays Georgie a visit. Feeling like he’s seen her before, that’s when it hits him – Georgie Daniels is a real life Rapunzel. And this Rapunzel wants nothing to do with being neighborly. Until she’s forced to save him during a storm.

Georgie and Colby have both had their share of disappointments and heartache. Just as Georgie is beginning to open up to him, a letter she finds threatens to shut her down again. Can their shared desperate need for a home bring them together?

Available exclusively through Amazon: Rapunzel’s Lighthouse

Healing Seas

Healing Seas

In just a matter of days, Addie Mayfield’s life is upended. Through an arrangement her father makes, she sets sail on the RMS Titanic as governess to the two young Fairchild children. When tragedy strikes, she finds herself rescued alongside strangers on the RMS Carpathia, headed for New York City. Far from home, she is taken in by the O’Reilly family to wait for her family to send for her. With no money for her passage home, she’s brought to the small hamlet of Montauk to become a caretaker for a great aunt she has never met.

Captain Frank Shea is a man without a ship. Removed from duty as captain of the RMS Morrow, he’s come to Montauk to recover from a leg injury. More painful than the injury is his fall from grace after spending his entire life at sea. The ocean was his home and he has never needed anyone. Now faced with an uncertain future, he’s desperate for a way back to the sea. Until he meets Addie Mayfield, a woman who is just as lost as he is.

Can these two people find hope for the future after all they’ve lost? Can an unexpected love heal two broken souls?

Available exclusively through Amazon:  Healing Seas

Harvest Blessings


Professional musician Tacy Clark hasn’t been back home to Hill Top Orchards since the death of her beloved Uncle Jerry. When she gets an email from her aunt, the guilt she’s been feeling since her uncle’s death forces her to make the trip back home.. When her car breaks down, a ride from her aunt’s neighbor, Brody Porter, is the beginning of a roller coaster of emotions, as Tacy is forced to deal with guilt and the pain of never having known her mother. Intending to stay only as long as it takes to harvest the apples for the annual festival and be free from guilt, Tacy is determined not to get involved with Brody Porter and his little girl Cami.

Brody Porter was burned by his estranged wife, Carrie Ann, a struggling actress, who came into his life during a lull in her career and then left him alone to raise their daughter, four year old Cami. He’s vowed never to play the knight in shining armor again. His only interest in Tacy Clark is making sure she gets those apples harvested for the town’s annual festival. Without that harvest, the festival might not raise enough funds for the church preschool. Without a place for Cami to go every day he won’t be able to put the time he needs into his livelihood, his coffee shop, Brews & Bites.

Tacy Clark and Brody Porter are both determined to get what they want and go their own ways. Will the sweet scent of apples and a harvest moon soften the hearts of two people who need each other more than they know?

Harvest Blessings

Available exclusively through Amazon:  Harvest Blessings

SnowGlobe Reunion

christina snowglobe reunion (1)

Stranded by a snowstorm, Carrie Sanders is left holding a bag an old woman she’d been talking to left behind in the airport coffee shop. Mystified by the woman’s disappearance, she sits on the bench staring at the snow globe that was in the bag.
Inside the glittery snowy world it’s Christmas during the 1940s. Fighting sleep, the next thing she knows she’s in the arms of the soldier she last saw skating on the pond in the snow globe. He’s no stranger, but the boy next door who never forgot her.

SnowGlobe Reunion

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 A Wife for Humphrey

                                            Love is Timeless


Runaway bride Danna and her handsome new husband are happily setting up a new home and business in the small town of Harmony, where only months before they’d been stranded strangers together. While unpacking boxes Danna finds the gift from Minnie she’d never remembered to open. After finding the delicate silver locket with a young soldier’s picture in it, hopeless romantic Danna has to find out who he is. Once she finds out that the soldier was the only man Minnie had ever loved and lost, she’s determined to find out if Humphrey Lewis still loves Minnie. Is there a chance for Minnie to have her happily ever after? It couldn’t hurt to check, could it? Though she should be working side by side with her sweet new husband in their soon to be opening antique shop, Danna becomes more and more invested in this decades old love story. And when she finally tracks down Humphrey, nothing, not even his disapproving grandson or a minor fall, will stop her from reuniting these two sweet people who never stopped loving one another.

A Wife for Humphrey

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A Husband for Danna

Runaway bride runs straight into her perfect husband

Off and running! In her frenzied quest to escape from a groom her father has chosen for her, Danna Rashba ‘borrows’ a limousine parked on Main Street. The last thing on her mind is finding a groom from another wedding in the backseat. What are the chances that the bride and groom from two different weddings running from the altar on the same day? The last thing Danna wants is a hostage as she tries to escape from her nuptials. 
The last thing Eric Harmon wants is to be saddled with yet another spoiled, needy woman. He’s furious about this wrench in his plans, he accuses Danna of stealing. He wants to send her home in a cab as soon as they get to the nearest town, but Danna refuses. Much to Eric’s frustration, one thing after another seems to keep them tied together.
Soon the generosity of a local shopkeeper and several people in town have them mistaken for newlyweds. Danna and Eric find themselves stepping into the role as husband and wife leading them to realize they just may be each other’s ‘match’. But will Danna be able to stand up to her rigid, old fashioned father and choose her own husband?

A Husband for Danna

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Book Trailer for  A Husband for Danna, the first book in the series. Meet Danna and Eric!

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