Fun Friday!

After a rather cool and wet start, it finally seems like summer is on its way! I love the change of seasons. I’ve always counted down the days until spring arrived,  especially this year after what seemed like the longest winter ever. Was it me or was it winter even in April? No one was happier than I was to usher in spring. Until it was apparent that spring was taking its time and there were days even in April that felt like we hadn’t quite shook winter yet. This past week we finally had a few summer-like days with lots of sunshine and opportunities to sit outside and enjoy the swing and pool

But for me the real start of summer is marked by the changing of decorations in my house. I finally packed away my winter decorations throughout the house and pulled out the box of summer things. Ah, more chachkies  to dust but that’s ok. What a welcome sight it was to dig through that box and pull out my assortment of little boats, lighthouses and shells. I’ll share a few pictures for you below.


Do you have any special decorations you put up in your home to mark the change of seasons? Share a picture with us if you can!

Have a Fun Friday!




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