Fun Friday!

Fun Friday movies

Fun Fridays are back! I’ve learned everyone should have some kind of fun on Friday. After all, we’ve all spent the entire week working hard, whether that’s working outside the home or in the home, taking care of family, running errands, cooking, cleaning, volunteering. It doesn’t have to even be an entire day of fun. Just schedule a half hour block of ‘fun time’ on your calendar. Take that time and do something that you love, something that energizes you. I have learned that whether it’s a half hour or a full day, these Fun Fridays are key to filling the well as a writer and keeping me energized and healthy so I can do all the things I do all week long.

So for today’s Fun Friday I am having a movie day! The weather has finally cooled down and it’s feeling like fall. Though I know we’re closer to Halloween than Christmas, watching Christmas movies is so relaxing for me. And since I’m a huge Hallmark Channel fan, I pulled out three of my all time favorites – The Christmas Card, A Very Merry Mix Up and The Nine Lives of Christmas, based on the book of the same name by author friend Sheila Roberts. If you’re looking for a good Christmas book you can find it here at I’ve read it twice and the Hallmark Channel did the book a great justice.

Whatever you do this Friday, make some time to do something special just for you. So what will you do?




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