Fun Friday!

I’m actually spending this Friday catching up on some long overdue reading. After a busy, exciting week the idea of camping out on the swing in the backyard with a book and iced tea is more than appealing. However, last Friday I had a whole lot of fun visiting my son and his beautiful girlfriend in New York City. I’ve come to think that maybe the reason they call it the Big Apple is because it’s so big you can only manage to see it one bite at a time.

Stepping out of Penn Station after leaving our quiet little suburb is like being in another world. Seventh Avenue was bustling with tourists, commuters and people who live in this busy, exciting city. My daughter joined me on this trip and the first thing we did, after an hour long ride on the train, was to get lunch. Since we had somewhere to be in only an hour and a half, we decided to just go with fast food. Who knew eating at a typical fast food restaurant could be so exciting? The Burger King we chose was nothing like any we had ever been to before with 3 floors and huge picture windows with a great view of tall buildings and people scurrying by. After eating we blended in with those scurrying people and made our way to a number of places we wanted to see like Trump Tower, the Empire State Building and my old ‘home’, the Time Life building where I worked for People magazine way back in the 80s. It sure was nice to go down memory lane.

After all that walking we decided to treat ourselves to a taxi ride to our main destination of the day, Argosy Book Store. I had never been there before but was sure it would be the perfect place for a writer. I was right. If you love old books you will love Argosy Book Store. As one who loves nothing more than to open up an old book and inhale the scent of must and time, I could have spent hours in this beautiful old store. Stepping into this store was like stepping back in time. The decor perfectly suited a store who specializes in old rare books, prints and maps. Because my son’s girlfriend, a professional photographer and digital consultant, was kind enough to invite us along on her photo shoot, we were able to take a tour of several floors of this store. I’ve already told my family that if I ever turn up missing they should check Argosy first lol.

I enjoyed sorting through hundreds of old books and looking at prints from a myriad of periods in history. I was definitely in my element and will be going back for another visit soon. It was most definitely a fun Friday.

Below are some pictures from my trip. So what fun things will you be up to on this first Friday of September?

And that last picture is the Argosy Bookstore. I hope to get back there soon!


                        Wishing you lots of fun and adventures on this Friday and throughout your weekend! 




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