Fun Friday!

It’s not even two o’clock (my time anyway) and I’m just about done with my work for the day. For a change of scenery, I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table with an open window at my side. There isn’t that much of a view since it’s a small, high window, but I am able to see the bright sun shining on the leaves of the big old apple tree in my backyard.  When someone else isn’t blocking the view of course.

Though I offered every cat treat I could find,  fresh air and chirping birds won out over measly crunchy bites. So I have a choice. I can enjoy the ‘view’ until my work is done and then move on or I can move and find another window. While I’m too lazy to move all of my stuff when I’m immersed in my work, I did realize that getting my ‘fur up’ over an unobstructed view with my cat is like anything else in life.

The last day or so I’ve been reading through Facebook posts of friends and authors I follow who are attending the RWA conference (Romance Writers of America – probably one of the biggest writing events of the year). Back in January I had wrestled with the idea of going. What held me back was the expenses involved in making the trip to San Antonio. I think mainly I was trying to justify the cost of the trip to myself, an unpublished writer. So I decided that this wasn’t the year I would be going. Again. I’d made the same decision in 2013 when the RWA held their conference in Anaheim, California.

Of course this year I hadn’t expected that I would finally get ‘the call’. Though mine was actually in the form of an email, in February I found out that my first book, A Husband for Danna, would be published. Now back up a few steps with me. I had made a deal with myself several years ago  that I was going to have at least 1 book published by my 50th birthday. And that I would attend the conference that year too. On February 19 when I found out I was getting a contract for my first book it was exactly one year and one month after my 50th birthday (I’m a Capricorn girl; January 19 :D). Had I known I would be able to officially call myself an author I might have booked that trip. A little more wrestling and finally the trip was sold out.  Never mind. Next year RWA 2015 will be in New York City, a stone’s throw from my home. You can bet I’ll be there!

Don’t worry. I haven’t wandered too far from my original story….back to the view from my kitchen window and choices. The view out my window could very well be compared to my perspective. It’s all in how I choose to see a situation. Any situation. I’ve made my choices, whether it’s being too lazy to change where I’m working for a better view or not booking a trip because of self doubt or guilting myself. The most important choice that matters, one that is never too late to change, is how you view the situation.

So instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I’m not having all the fun that my fellow author friends are at RWA14,  I can choose to ‘like’ their pictures, tell them to have fun, and envision myself in some pictures like those next year. As for my cat…well, you know how cats are. You can’t get them to do anything you want them to.

And with that I’m throwing in the work towel for the day. I can get an even better view sitting on the swing outside in my yard.

Whatever is in your view today, choose to enjoy it!

Happy Friday!!



4 thoughts on “Fun Friday!”

  1. I’ve had those moments too, when the view was not what I totally expected, but ended up being enjoyable anyway. Enjoy your afternoon and weekend and congrats on the book deal.

    1. I think a lot of people are in the same boat with us, Tonya. Just have to enjoy the view regardless, don’t we? Thanks for the congrats! Hope you have a great weekend.
      p.s. hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations! 😀

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