Fun Friday!

Just look at this picture! I am a cat person, but I will say this – dogs bring people together. I don’t know what I enjoyed more during my trip to the park this afternoon, seeing these two sweet dogs or seeing the way their owner and they spent time with these two elderly women.

When I first spotted the two elderly women they had been huddled together talking, alternating between frowns and tight lips. All that changed when these two adorable dogs dragged their owner over to them. The  two women who had been huddled tightly together, almost shielding themselves from the world, immediately stopped talking to pet the dogs. Whatever sad or gloomy news the women had been sharing between them was forgotten. Even with her walker and a struggle, the one woman rose to her feet, as did her companion. And the sounds were those of laughter, joy and hearts opening – dogs bring people together.

I love my cats. As my daughter often says to me, is there a cat that I don’t fall in love with? But I’ll admit this is one thing I’ve yet to see a cat do. And the effects were palpable even after those two dogs and their friendly owner took leave of the two women to finish their walk around the park.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just come together in peace and friendship just like this little group did?

Wishing you peace, friendship and joy this Friday!!!








3 thoughts on “Fun Friday!”

    1. Thank you, Helen! I’m a cat person, but I do have a Cocker Spaniel and there is such a difference between cats and dogs lol.
      That unconditional love is just so nice!

  1. I’m teetering in the ‘dog camp’, Ariella. I have a Cocker Spaniel that I do adore. And he adores me. You can’t beat that unconditional love that a dog gives. 😀
    A big hello to Miss Gracie and Avalon!

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