Monday Memories

Well, last week was a whirlwind of busyness! With my debut book releasing on Tuesday the 19th, I had a lot to do. I can honestly say I lived on my laptop everyday from Monday to Friday, with a minimum of 10 hours daily between blogs, interviews, release preparation and writing my next book. So a break on Saturday was well deserved and what a break I got! To my surprise, my husband and two children threw me a Release Day party! The afternoon consisted of family, food, cake and hanging out poolside – with absolutely no working! Here are some pictures from my big day.

Every time I think about it I am still surprised! What better way to celebrate this milestone in my life than with my family? I had a wonderful time, and I’m grateful that everyone was able to come celebrate with me. Though I am planning and hoping for many more release days, I know this day will be one of my favorite memories!

Anything memorable happen to you lately?






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