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Today is Wednesday, and I’m pleased to have Teresa Howard join us with her release, For Love Alone. Teresa’s book is a thrilling historical tale of forbidden love that will keep you turning the pages. This is a book you will want to curl up with and enjoy a cup of tea as you unwind within the pages. Dig in to the blurb below and then we’ll talk to Teresa about her process and what inspired her to write For Love Alone.











Summer Skye Danvers, lovely Southern belle, is promised in marriage to the Lord of the Isle of Man, the royal Duke of Tyndale. However, since she was but a child, she dreamed of finding happily ever after in the arms of Tyndale’s nephew, Lord Charles Zachery Clayton.

Charles Zachery Clayton “Chaz“ the Earl of Somerset, is so handsome and charismatic that he is sought by every noblewoman in Queen Victoria’s Court.  To his dismay, he is pledged to a cold, unfeeling woman who wants only to enjoy a countess’s station in life.  But since Chaz was little more than a child, his angelic southern coquette, Skye has been the guiding force in his life.   A force he strives to take hold of.  But he fears she will always be just be-yond his reach.

Will these soul mates find a life of love and happiness with one another?  Will they survive against almost insurmountable odds?

Does love conquer all?


CL:   What inspired you to write For Love Alone?

TH:  As a southern girl, I imagined myself living in the time of the American Civil War, traveling to England and, in an arranged marriage, going from debutante to duchess to widow to marrying the man of my dreams for love alone.

CL:  Tell us a little bit about your writing process.  Do you outline before you begin to write or are you a pantster?

TH: I always write a short synopsis just to work out the kind of plot I want to write: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, or Time Travel Romance.

CL:  What was the most difficult part of writing For Love Alone?

TH: As always, rewriting.  I sometimes write 50 or so pages to begin the book, polish them to a high sheen and then as the book progresses, I often cut them out.  It’s like losing a limb.Tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author.

CL:  Tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author.

TH:   My mother was diagnosed with cancer and I spent everyday with her until she passed away.  I read over 200 romances and mama watched old romantic movies.  All to soon, I lost mama; we only had 8 months after she was diagnosed.  Her funeral was on a Friday and Monday morning I woke up with devastating grief and just felt lost.  As therapy, I began my first book: CHEROKEE EMBRACE.  The first scene I wrote was the death of the hero’s mother.  She was Cherokee and her name was Nelda Jeanette; just like my mama.  I must have rewritten parts of that book a hundred times.  The scene of the mother’s death did not make the final version; it was just too personal.

CL:  What advice would you offer aspiring writers on the writing business?

TH: It’s tough, but not impossible.  Once you have a manuscript, send it to an agent (they’re listed on the Internet) or query a publisher, asking if they would like to see your finished product.  All publishers list the kinds of books they are interested in and just pick a house that fits your plot/genre most closely.

CL:  Any special tips for writers who are juggling writing with raising a family, working a day job or just life in general.

TH: Golly, that’s tough.  My bff is in that very predicament.  When she asked me about it, I just told her to write when she has a minute and her muse beckons.  I keep my computer beside my bed and have actually gotten some of my best ideas during the night.  Finally, don’t beat yourself up about not having the time to write a large amount at one sitting.  Since you have no deadline, always remember to strive for quality rather than quantity.  And my most deeply held belief about writing is that writing is rewriting.  Nobody writes a bestseller in their first endeavor.  We all have to polish … and polish … and polish!










Teresa Howard has been a hopeless/hopeful romantic as long as her memory stretches.  As a child, she spent countless hours leaning against the trunk of an old oak tree, imagining love stories of passionate couples set in exotic places.  In her teen years, she helped her male friends write love notes to their girlfriends; some ending in marriage.

When Teresa’s beloved mother was stricken with cancer, Teresa spent everyday with her, reading romance novels while her mama watched sentimental romantic movies.  The Monday after her mother’s funeral on Friday, Teresa sat down, took pen and yellow pad and began her first novel.  She was blessed to sell it.   It became, CHEROKEE EMBRACE.
Teresa’s  favorite scripture is … faith, hope and love remain; the greatest of these is love. The guiding force in her life is that all things are possible with LOVE.Readers can connect with Teresa Howard at:




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Much thanks to Teresa for stopping by! Happy reading!






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