Wheels Turning Wednesday

Starting a new novel is always an exciting time. But aren’t all beginnings the best part? The first day of school, the first day of a new job, the first kiss of a new love. I liken starting a new novel to any one of those experiences. In the throes of excitement we jump in with both feet, uncertain of what will happen but ecstatic just the same.

I am in love with my current novel. Maybe because the idea for it came to me while going down memory lane, a place I seem to go often these days. After seeing the movie Maleficent (I don’t do movie reviews but I highly recommend it) and seeing shades of Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin in the story, I remembered how much I loved the story of Rapunzel. Yes, I did see Disney’s version of it in Tangled. I enjoyed that too. But I’m talking about the original fairy tale, written by the Brothers Grimm.

Whenever my parents would have go out at night my grandmother would stay with my brother and I. At the time, I was probably only about seven or eight years old, my brother and I shared a bedroom. So when it was time to tuck us in my grandmother would come in and ask what story we wanted to hear. Whether he liked it or not, my brother heard the story of Rapunzel more times than any boy would care to. Coming out of  the movie theater that day I thought of those wonderful times. I could still picture my grandmother perched at the foot of my bed, telling that story in her special way. And every time she came to the end of the story she would say the same special line – and I’m not going to include it here because it’s going on the dedication page of the book. Not that I’m pushing anyone to buy a copy (big grin).

That got  the wheels turning. That and the fact that I haven’t had my hair cut in over four years and it’s grown from barely touching the shoulders to past the middle of my back. Rapunzel. My heroine would have long flowing hair, a crown of dark tresses. And she would live in a lighthouse! The wheels have been cranking steadily since. The words have been flowing. Being a writer, anything and everything can spark ideas for scenes, settings, and occupations.

If you read my post about my adventure last Saturday at the village sidewalk sale (of course you can read it here: http://christinalorenzen.com/nostalgic-monday/) you’ll remember my special find at a tent where a local artist was selling his pottery. I’ve included a picture of my goodies here:

Sorting through and picking up the various bowls, mugs, and vases got me thinking. I’d been trying to figure out how my heroine was supporting herself since she rarely leaves her lighthouse. Then it dawned on me! A potter! My heroine could make beautiful pieces of pottery and the gift shop in town could sell them for her. Perfect! And that simple encounter with pottery led to another idea and a scene and that will lead to ideas for setting and something will happen in the story. 

The wheels are turning for this author. And the little things and the daily goings on make them turn. Long ago I had read an article in a magazine for writers claiming that in order to create a story a writer needs to live life. And I’d believed that to mean traveling the world, discovering exotic foods and locales. Now I’ve come to believe that living life also means getting out there in your own community, meeting and talking to people. Because whether you travel near or far it’s all fodder for the imagination. And when you feed the imagination the wheels start turning….and who knows where you may go?







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