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Welcome to another Writer Wednesday! It’s been an exciting week this week as I was finally able to reveal the cover to my upcoming release, A Wife for Humphrey. This is the sequel to my first book, A Husband for Danna, and it was just as much fun writing this story as the original story. I absolutely love Danna and Eric. Take a look at this beautiful cover!



I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but cover artist Cora Graphics (http://www.coragraphics.it/) captured my vision for this cover perfectly! I just love the glowing light above Eric and Danna’s antique shop, Franny’s Attic. And if you look close you will see the car that plays a part in both books, nicknamed Old Beauty. In Eric’s hands is the antique heart locket that is at the heart of the story, no pun intended.

Writing is a lot of work. It’s hard work and on top of that it’s something that you do by yourself. It may take a writer months or years to complete the story that’s been dancing in their head for just as long. So it’s days like these, when you can reveal the cover of your ‘baby’ that just remind you of how much you love what you do. After posting the cover on my Facebook pages, I got lots of compliments and encouragement from readers, friends and family. It’s the fuel that keeps you going during the tough days when you’re plodding along, doubting your characters or your story, worried that you might be wasting precious time. Now that the cover has been revealed, I’m just counting down the days until A Wife for Humphrey releases. And that’ll be another Wednesday that we’ll talk shop – about the jitters a writer gets waiting to hear how their book was received. Did anyone like it? Was it as good, and hopefully, better than the first book? What if all the reviews are negative? What if. It’s both the happy place where a writer lives, conjuring up new story ideas, and the scary place where writers spend hours imagining the worst about their book.

So, tell me what you’re playing the ‘what if’ game about these days? Is it a rough draft that’s just not working? A contract you think you might not be able to live up to? What doubts plague your writing  life?

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope to see you here again next week!




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