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Welcome to another Writer Wednesday! The past week has been another exciting week. The sequel to my first book, A Wife for Humphrey, has released! Last we met, I revealed the beautiful cover. For links to buy A Wife for Humphrey, see my book page. I do hope you enjoy it!

Today kicks off my month long blog tour. Every day for the next twenty-seven days I will be featured or interviewed on a blog, talking about my newest release and the writing life. On top of all the goings on that happen when a book releases, I am very busy writing a Christmas novella that will release September 1 of this year. With so much to keep track of, I think it might be time to find a new system for organizing everything I have to do.

Those two pictures above are my current planner. It’s a very nice Barnes & Noble Desk Diary that in the past I would buy each year. In October, when I shop for a planner, I saw it and remembered that it had been several years since I used one. So I added it to my pile of books and off I went. It’s a basic daily planner where I can schedule events by the hour throughout the day and into the evening. However, I think I’d like a planner with more than the basics. For one thing, there isn’t much blank space for notes. I think I’m also missing having sections for things like books to read, expenses, and ideas.

So I’m coming to my fellow authors and readers…..do you use a planner? If so, do you like it? Which one did you find works best for you? And where did you find it? I expect I’ll be shopping for a new planner this weekend so your recommendations are really appreciated.

Below is a link to the schedule for my month long blog tour for A Wife for Humphrey. I hope you’ll stop by along the way and say hello! Happy Wednesday and to those who are celebrating this Sunday, Happy Mothers Day!!


A Wife for Humphrey blog tour schedule:



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