I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love books. Though I can’t remember signing the back of my first library card, I do remember having a card at a very young age. Growing up in Queens,New York, I remember being in awe of the stacks at the Queens branch of the New York Public Library. What better place for a budding writer than New York City? I remember coming home with more books than my little hands could hold.

Beyond books, I love notebooks. Still do, and sometimes it seems I have more journals than the words in my head can fill. Before typewriters and computers I wrote three YA novels longhand. I only wish I knew what became of those early manuscripts, but regardless it spurred my love of writing on. Then came the day when I, in my mind, became ‘a writer’. My first typewriter. It was an old manual that my father, then a sanitation worker, brought home from work. Just wondering about the previous owner was fodder for an imaginative mind. I continued to write stories all through high school and eventually dipped my toes in the world of non-fiction, writing articles for a local newspaper.

Though I failed to pursue a writing related degree after high school, I continued to write as I jumped from job to job. Years later I now see that I was not alone in my erratic job history – it seems to me to be the hallmark of the writing life. Having become friends with many authors, I have found that most of them meandered through many ‘odds and ends’ jobs before settling into the writing life.

Fast forward to the years when I got married and became a mom to a precious baby boy (who today is a successful entrepreneur and still precious to me). Finally I had the time, or at least a different set of times, to pursue writing. I did. Not only did I write but I worked as a research assistant for other writers as well as teaching online. A baby girl, the light of my life, quickly followed in the tracks of that baby boy and though writing got pushed aside as I dealt with colic, terrible twos and more, I never really stopped writing.

As my children grew so did my writing career. That old typewriter relinquished its spot on my desk, demoted to a dusty box in the basement, as I began writing on my first word processor. As the years sped by I upgraded equipment as I added to my writing credentials. In 2006 I won a journalism award from the Society of Professional Journalists (spj.org). As excited as I was about winning that award, and despite the doors it opened for me, I had an urge to try something new. And so my fiction career was born. And what better place for a book lover to be than immersed in the exciting work of creating imaginary people and worlds?

With more than two hundred articles published in magazines, newspapers and websites, I jumped in with both feet. The water is nice. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit cold (rejecting your baby hurts) and sometimes it’s choppy (publishing is changing so fast you can barely keep your head above the water), but I love spending my days surrounded by my characters, immersed in small town life.

That’s what I write best. Stories set in small towns where my characters may face trials, but with the help of faith, family and love, they come through stronger than they were before. Happily ever after endings are a guarantee.

My first novella, A Husband for Danna, released in 2014, followed by the sequel, A Wife for Humphrey, released in 2016. After eight sweet romances, Ruth’s Garden, a Christian romance based on the Book of Ruth from the Bible, was released in a collection titled Faithful Women: Legacies of Grace, and became an Amazon #1 bestseller in both religious romance and contemporary religious fiction. The title is now available on Amazon as a single and is on Amazon’s bestseller list in New Releases in Contemporary Christian Fiction. I’ve been very blessed in my writing career.

When I’m not writing or reading, I love spending time with family, my cats, taking walks with my Cocker Spaniel Yogi or riding on my new bicycle, a three wheeled adult tricycle I’ve named Wanda.  I am a member of Faith, Hope & Love, the inspirational chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and WFWA, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

I hope you’ll visit my home on the web often and keep in touch.

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**Radio Interview**

On May 11, 2016 I was interviewed by Barry Eva of the internet radio show A Book and A Chat. I had a great time talking about libraries, writing and my books. You can listen here https://www.newvisionsradio.com/2014-02-26-19-59-03/a-book-and-a-chat/a-book-and-a-chat-2016-pg-1

**Radio Interview with Creative Caravan Road Show**

On June 7, 2016 I was interviewed by Suzanne Lieurance and Wendy Dewar Hughes from the Blog Talk Radio internet show, the Creative Caravan Road Show. You can listen to the interview here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/creativecaravanroadshow/2016/06/07/author-christina-lorenzen-talks-about-her-new-book

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