Though I’ve been writing for a long time, it’s taken many starts and stops and a lot of late night reading to finally find my niche. Though I love books and juggle several ‘to-be-read’ stacks throughout the house, it’s the stories of faith, family and love in small town settings that I can’t get enough of. I love small towns where everyone knows everyone. That’s what I write best. Stories set in small towns where my characters may face trials but with the help of faith, family and love, they come through stronger than they were before. Happily ever after endings are a guarantee


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Jessie Daniels moved to Phillips Village for a fresh start. After a bad breakup and her parents selling the family home, she’s ready to put down roots somewhere new. It was love at first sight when she visited Phillips Village and an offer to work with animals at the town shelter are all she needs to make the move. After seven months in town, she’s enjoying living in the apartment in the Phillips House and devoting all her time to the animals who need her. Just as she’s forgetting the incident that led her to break off her engagement, Mark Sherman shows up and disrupts her peaceful single loving life.

Mark Sherman will do whatever it takes to get back in his father’s good graces, after breaking an engagement that cost his father a merger between the company and his ex-fiancée’s family company. He plans on being all business when he goes back to Phillips Village to clean out and sell his grandmother’s cottage. The sweet memories of his childhood summers with his grandmother hit him harder than he expected. He’d also vowed not to get involved with another woman. When a stubborn basset hound finds its way into his truck, he has no choice but to bring along to the house where he’s rented an apartment. When he meets fellow tenant Jessie Daniels, he knows he’s in deep.

Is it the magic he’d always believed surrounded Grandma Lettia’s cottage or the sweet little basset hound that seems to be pulling he and Jessie closer together?

Available exclusively on Amazon: Howls and Hearts



The Silvershell Beach Inn

Blindsided by a broken engagement, Jacy Penna hastily throws an overnight bag together and leaves New York City, heading to the place that never changes – her grandmother’s house in the small town of Marion, Massachusetts. But in her haste she forgot about Zach Silva, the local boy that broke her heart when she was fifteen years old. Hoping to spend some time reliving sweet memories of summers past with her grandmother, Jacy is blindsided again when she finds out her grandmother has sold the house – to Zach Silva’s family. Determined to avoid running into Zach during her short visit, Jacy soon finds out that while nothing stays the same, love endures.

Zach Silva has come home to The Silvershell Beach Inn, his family’s elegant seaside inn, for as long as it takes to step down from his part in the family business. Sure his life is back in New York City, he’s ready to leave small town Marion in his rear view mirror. But he’s never completely forgotten the summer he said goodbye to his teenage sweetheart, Jacy Penna.

Always fond of Jacy’s grandmother, he convinced his family to buy Jacy’s grandmother’s house and bring the aging grandmother to cook at the inn. Augusta’s Portuguese specialty meals will bring a touch of the Silva family’s culture to the Inn. He hasn’t heard a word about Jacy in years. Sure she’ll never return to Marion, he’s shocked to find her sunning on Silvershell Beach. Seeing Jacy brings back too many memories and he begins to doubt his future plans.

Will one weekend back in the small town where memories of summer love still haunt them both be enough to help Jacy forgive and Zach find where his future really lies?

Available exclusively on Amazon: The Silvershell Beach Inn


Rapunzel’s Lighthouse

Georgie Daniels rarely leaves the cottage attached to the Salt Cliffs lighthouse, except when necessary for a trip into town for food. For the last two years, since the lighthouse was declared a historic landmark, she’s lived in the cottage out of sight and, she hopes, out of the minds of the town. With the defunct lighthouse in arrears and in disrepair, she knows it’s only a matter of time before the lighthouse will be on the auction block of the town hall’s steps. With long hair that no one has seen before, except in the fabled fairy tale Rapunzel, things were going well until new neighbor Colby Ford shows up on her doorstep.Colby Ford didn’t intend to retire from the Navy, at least not right now. When he finds himself with an injury that pushes him into an early retirement, the possibility of opening a sailing school in the coastal town of Salt Cliffs is his only hope. Renting the Moore cottage, he needs to find the right location for his school and a place to store the boats. While in town, a conversation with a store keeper makes his curiosity about the lighthouse burn even stronger – what kind of woman lives alone in a defunct lighthouse? In need of paint for the cottage porch, he pays Georgie a visit. Feeling like he’s seen her before, that’s when it hits him – Georgie Daniels is a real life Rapunzel. And this Rapunzel wants nothing to do with being neighborly. Until she’s forced to save him during a storm. Georgie and Colby have both had their share of disappointments and heartache. Just as Georgie is beginning to open up to him, a letter she finds threatens to shut her down again. Can their shared desperate need for a home bring them together?
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