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The right words make all the difference

The world wide web is like a congested thruway – overflowing with content all vying for your audience’s attention. Content is still king, and people still turn to articles to get to know a company versus the ads it runs. The right words can bring them to you or push them away. Compelling writing grabs your audience and keeps them reading, a feat in today’s distracted world.

With over twenty-five years of writing experience, I know how to string words together that will hold your audience’s attention. I’ve written more than three hundred pieces that includes feature articles, blog posts, SEO content, press releases, website content, and more. If you need a writer who can tailor the right words to your needs, contact me today and let’s talk!

My writing starts by learning about your business. What are the principles that guide your business? Your audience, your customer, is looking for something that only you can give them. Visitors, potential customers, come to your website or blog looking for solutions, a specific product, advice, and content they can not find anywhere else. In any piece of writing, every word matters. Your content should be a call to action for the reader visiting your website, blog, or newsletter. Who is it that you’re trying to reach and what do they want? Let me help you determine who your ideal audience is and give you content that speaks to them.

Your audience is your potential customer. Your content should make them feel that you care about them. Caring about your customer means meeting their need. Your content is a story that should address that need. The right content tells the customer that you not only understand their needs and wants, but can meet them. What problem can you solve for your customer? How does your product or service benefit their life?

Words can make or break your business. Words have power. Great writing is more than the words you say. Great writing is an opportunity to speak to your audience and should reflect your tone. It should be clear, coherent, and result in a call to action by the reader. Great writing makes a positive impact. Great writing makes a lasting impression on your audience. Make the right impression. Contact me today to discuss your writing needs. Let me help you speak to your audience and move them to that call to action. Powerful words equals positive results!