Fun Friday!

Autumn is my absolute favorite season! So it’s no surprise to me that my novel, A Husband for Danna, takes place during the season I look forward to all year long.  Below are some pictures of what I envision Luddy’s Annual Strawberry Festival looks like. Eric takes Danna to the festival, intent on showing her that she’s judged him all wrong.










I loved writing the scenes from the strawberry festival so much that I asked the cover designer if they could incorporate it into the cover.  Take a look at the beautiful colors in this cover. Fall is the season of color so I think it’s so fitting for this story.

Though my hometown doesn’t have a strawberry festival, we do have an annual craft fair and apple festival during the fall. But what I really look forward to is putting up decorations that celebrate the season. In September, my house is filled with pumpkins and scarecrows. Then on October 1 the Halloween decorations come out. Nothing too scary because I sure don’t want to scare away those sweet little ones that I look forward to seeing all dressed up. A few black cats, a rubber spider, one scary witch, a lone ghoul and a blanket of fake spider webs cover the bushes surrounding our front porch.  Here are a few photos of our house ready for Halloween.






























What kind of decorations do you put around your house during autumn? Do you like to decorate for Halloween?



4 thoughts on “Fun Friday!”

  1. I’ve never been all that big on decorations, but my wife loves all that stuff. So I sometimes help her — either in putting up or taking down. Sometimes both.

    1. Met too, Jeff! I don’t get much help here so I’d appreciate the extra hands. It’s always more fun to put them up than to take them down lol.

  2. Halloween was barely anything here in the UK when I was a kid. By the time I had my kids,the Brits had taken it on board, with trick-or-treating etc. I used to love decorating the house with cobwebs and such when mine were little – less so now, just a few things, mainly though lack of time. I made a sort of Halloween collage when the kids were younger and that still goes over the mantelpiece every year.

    1. Interesting fact that I had no idea about, Helen! Mine are grown now too but I guess I decorate for me – maybe for a way to relive those wonderful days. Like you
      I have a few things that my kids have made that come out every year. What I’m looking forward to now is decorating for grandchildren some day 😀 Who knows what wonderful decorations they’ll make for me? 😀

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