Monday Mention!!

Today A Husband for Danna is the featured book at Awesome Romance Novels! ARN is the website of USA Today bestselling author Donna Fasano.  Donna’s website has helped propel dozens of novels into the hands of eager readers. I’m hoping that readers will be intrigued by the story’s premise, the gorgeous cover and pick it up to read. And with this long holiday weekend upon us, what better time to grab a fun, romantic book than now?

Stop by Awesome Romance Novels and leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed A Husband for Danna – I would so appreciate it!

Happy Thanksgiving!









2 thoughts on “Monday Mention!!”

  1. Janie Prather

    The smell that lets me know summer is on its way is the lilac bush right beside my front porch.

    1. Hi Janie! Lilac bushes have been popping up a lot here. I’m really thinking it’s time I plant a lilac bush in my yard. I would love that scent greeting me
      each day. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll stop by again soon!

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