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It’s Release Day! I’m so excited to share my newest release with you all today. This book is so special as it’s my first Christmas story. I have always wanted to write a Christmas story. Writing this book was especially fun since it was also my first attempt at a time travel story. This sweet, Christian romance features a snowglobe that’s a bit magical. I’ll share a cover and blurb for you below:

christina snowglobe reunion (1)


Stranded by a snowstorm, Carrie Sanders is left holding a bag an old woman she’d been talking to left behind in the airport coffee shop. Mystified by the woman’s disappearance, she sits on the bench staring at the snow globe that was in the bag.
Inside the glittery snowy world it’s Christmas during the 1940s. Fighting sleep, the next thing she knows she’s in the arms of the soldier she last saw skating on the pond in the snow globe. He’s no stranger, but the boy next door who never forgot her.

If you love Christmas in July you will want to pick this one up today. If you love heroes and a taste of the 1940s, you’ll enjoy this tale. And if snowglobes are a staple in your Christmas decorating arsenal, I think you will love this story.

Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating with me. And while you’re here, tell me about the snowglobe you put out each Christmas.

See you next Wednesday!





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