How Do You Get Yourself Going on Mondays?

If you read last Wednesday’s post, the poem titled I Am (you can read it here: there wasn’t an I Dislike line. If there had been there would be no need to think on it. I dislike Mondays. I always have.

I’ve dreaded Mondays as far back as I can remember. While in grade school, I remember a heavy feeling of sadness on Sundays as Monday lie just around the corner. I remember watching the Disney classics on Sunday nights and trying to forget that when the movie ended so did Sunday. And I remember climbing into bed on Sunday night and lying there dreading Monday morning. Flash forward a whole lot of years and two grown children and I still dislike Mondays. I just can’t seem to shake it. It’s really no different from any other day. My children are long done with the getting ready for school on Mondays and as a homeschooling family we enjoyed leisurely starts anyway. As someone who works  from home there’s no need to dread the morning traffic or the long lines at Dunkin Donuts to get coffee – I drink tea and my Keurig does an excellent job of keeping my mug full lol. Yet still I find myself feeling just a bit down on Sunday night as the weekend draws to a close. Old habits die hard, I guess.

So it won’t surprise you to learn that Mondays have always been my least productive day of the week. Now, back in my journalism days I could work around that. Writing for newspapers and magazines is a great training field. I learned how to write tight and write fast. A quick turnaround was never a problem. But with my first novel’s release just around the corner (I’ll be announcing the exact date on Friday’s blog so please check back!), the Monday lazies have to stop. There’s a lot of work to be done in preparation for one’s first book release like numerous stages of editing, social media, online events for colleagues and more. I just can’t skip working on Mondays anymore. So I’ve started a new routine on Monday morning, hoping that it will jumpstart my week and keep me on track with my to-do’s and goals. Nothing too crazy, nothing too exciting. Just your basic morning stick-to-it routine.

The minute my eyes open I’m up, in the shower, dressed and ready to go! No more browsing around on Facebook or Twitter. No more taking those crazy “What color are you?” quizzes and no more reading email. Nope. The first thing I do is open up my manuscript and get those words down. The carrot dangling in front of my nose? 1000 words or 1 hour of writing, whichever comes first. Then I can take a half hour on Facebook, perusing friends’ puppy pictures and weekend happenings and maybe, maybe, just one little quiz. Then it’s back to work.  Usually after that 1000 words I’m caught up in the momentum and the words are flowing. So I just keep going. Because it’s easy to keep moving once you’re in the flow of things – it’s getting started that’s toughest.

So how about you? How do you get yourself going on Mondays?




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