I Am….

Following in Krysten Lindsay Hager’s steps,<a href=”http://www.krystenlindsay.com/blog/i-am/”>, here is my I Am poem.

And thanks go to Jennifer Rae Gravely,  http://jenniferraegravely.blogspot.com/2014/05/i-am.html, the creator of this poem, for coming up with this great idea!

I Am….

I am…. Christina Lorenzen

I love….cats and books

I live for….time spent with my family

I dream of….living the small town life

I strive to be….a better person

I teeter between….looking forward to and fearing the future

I need….guarantees and security, neither of which can be promised

I desire….to immerse myself in my writing world

I focus on….a story that provides a happy escape

I have fulfilled….the beginning of a long list of dreams and goals

I am….trying to just be me

4 thoughts on “I Am….”

    1. Well, thanks to you for sharing the poem. What a great way to get my blog moving along! Looking forward to those good times!

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