Monday Madness

It’s Monday again! The leisurely days of the weekend, and a short vacation, are over and it’s time to get to work. Last week I decided it was time to take a short vacation from several things: 1)housework 2)my crazy work schedule and 3)the internet.

It was wonderful. Five days of a fairly leisurely pace where I ignored the laundry (they always say it’ll still be there when you get back. Trust me. It is.), stopped fussing over dust, and enjoyed life away from my laptop. I spent time sorting through my TBR pile and books that have been waiting for my attention on my Nook. I highly recommend it.

The downside is coming back to the routine. I’ll be spending Monday plowing through a mountain of laundry, fighting dust bunnies as large as my kitten and playing catch up on several social media sites. I’ve got lots of updating to do to my website and lots of emails to reply to. I need to get back to my novel and get that speeding along. I’ve got a To Do list a mile long and, thanks to a short vacation, I actually have the energy to tackle it. It’s a ‘nose to the grindstone’ kind of day. The list is next to me and I’m ready to start checking things off. It’ll be a couple of hours of Monday madness but I’m ready. There’s nothing like a break from your routine to recharge your batteries.

On a side note, I hope you can see the cover of the book I was reading on my Nook during my vacation. It’s the newly released True Colors by the fabulous Krysten Lindsay Hager. I’m thrilled that Krysten will be in the Author Spotlight here on my website for the entire month of July. I hope you’ll stop by and find another book to add to your summer reading list!

So what did you do this weekend to recharge your batteries for another busy week?

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