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It’s Monday. Again. If you’ve been here on a Monday, you know I’m not a fan. So today I’m mixing things up a bit. I’d like to thank Krysten Lindsay Hager, author of the YA bestseller True Colors, for tagging me in the Food and Fragrance Blog Hop! If you haven’t read Krysten’s YA hit yet, you can find out all about it and the author here:

For today you can find out a little bit more about my book, A Husband for Danna, in the questions below:

What sort of meal is my book? A Husband for Danna is a fun, happily ever after type of book. Their first attempt at food isn’t a success as Danna is too upset to eat and the food (breakfast) grows cold by the time they get to eat it. They do enjoy a feast at Betty’s Bed & Breakfast. With turkey on the menu, I’m going to say this book is a like a holiday meal with both Danna and Eric trying to celebrate their independence.                    

Snack? Not much snacking goes on in my book, but they do find that Betty has added some crackers and cheese to the basket she sends them off with for the fireworks during Luddy’s Strawberry Festival.

Your character’s choice of candy? Though it’s not mentioned in the book, Danna is a nervous eater. It’s not easy being a doctor’s daughter and having to uphold an old tradition Danna is too afraid to reject – until she runs from the altar. I would say that if she had thought about it she would have packed plenty of chocolate to bolster her. She could use it later on when she has to face her strict old fashioned father.

What sort of fragrance would be associated with your book? Flowers! Definitely flowers, and Eric gets a fleeting whiff of the scent of flowers in her hair. Danna is a sensitive woman who doesn’t want to hurt her father or mother. When I think of her I think of a delicate sweet smelling flower. As a matter of  fact, I have a beautiful Orchid on my desk that reminds me of her.

If my character were a glass of wine… I think Danna would be a glass of Chardonnay because this white wine is often hailed as complex and Danna is a complex woman, wanting to be her own person but feeling the need to be respectful and loyal to her family and culture.

What is your most memorable meal? Wow! I love Italian food and red sauce, but my most memorable meal was a small pub over twenty years ago. It was a delicious fettuccine meal with a white cream sauce with a tender chicken cutlet covered in mozzarella cheese on top. I still remember its name on the menu – Chicken A La Gibson. Since then, that pub has gone out of business but I haven’t forgotten that taste. If I had to choose home cooked food I would have to say my mom’s chicken cutlet parmigiana. No matter how I try I still can’t make it like she does.

How would you describe your writing? When I write my goal is to give my readers an escape from everyday life. We all see and hear of plenty of negative and scary stories.  I want my readers is enjoy a respite, even if only for a few hours, from the scary, negative and sad stories. I like to think they can almost close the door on that junk and open another to stroll the streets of small towns where  life might occasionally have its struggles, but in the end everything is ok. I love a knight in shining armor and I guarantee a happily ever after. 

Preferred salty snack? Cheddar sour cream potato chips. I don’t have them often but when I do I can’t stop. You definitely can’t eat just one lol.










You can watch the book trailer for A Husband for Danna here:


Hope this fun blog hop tour made your Monday a little brighter!



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