Monday (No) Motivation

I’m out of energy. I have no ambition. It’s No Motivation Monday – at least for  me. After a week of going non stop every day, I’ve come to a screeching halt. I’m just too tired to do anything. Anything. My WIP is calling to me, a pile of books taunt me from a corner and my craft projects lay dormant. In the past I would beat myself up and force myself to do something. Anything. How could I just waste a day? Not accomplish something? Not check off anything on my To Do list?

I’ve learned to cut myself a break. To go with the flow. Sometimes you’ve just got to veg a little and listen to your body. And this body is saying “watch a little junk television. How about a decorating show? Maybe a cup of tea and feet up on the ottoman?” And I’m listening.

So for today, here’s a picture of my accomplice in lazy land – Yogi, my Cocker Spaniel. Just look at that face! If you’re having a No Motivation Monday, take heart. I remember a Christmas song from a special I loved as a child. The words came to me today. “There’s always tomorrow….” It can all wait until tomorrow. Today I’m just going to enjoy a little down time with Yogi.


Whatever you do or don’t do today, just relax and enjoy it!



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