Small Towns and Fridays

I don’t necessarily live in a small town but the neighboring town, actually a village, is my idea of the picture perfect place to call home.  You can just feel the difference as soon as you pass the Welcome sign.

My favorite place to eat pizza is in this adorable little village and Fridays are pizza days. So my daughter and I ventured over for our weekly pizza lunch. A long strip of a road connecting my town to this village actually leads to the main road, ironically named Main Street. What else? Besides the delicious Italian restaurant that we  frequent for pizza, Main Street is home  to my favorite type of shops – the mom and pops.

Nowhere in this village will you find the big box stores, the fast food franchises or pretty much anything that isn’t an original, one-of-a-kind store. There’s an antique shop run by a woman who herself is an antique. Whenever I see her the first thing that comes to mind is an aged Hollywood starlet. Rummaging through her shop you’re bound to find vintage handbags, feathered boas and costume jewelry from decades gone by. There’s a gift shop with an assortment of items like handmade soaps, candles, jewelry, wooden signs and more. What makes them so special is that they’re handmade by local artists. And of course there’s the little corner coffee shop you expect to find in a small town with a motif that looks as if time stands still the moment you enter its doors. And you can bet they aren’t open until 1 am like your typical fast food places.

This particular Friday the shops and their keepers were bustling, getting themselves ready for the annual sidewalk sale tomorrow. The stretch of road where the majority of the shops are situated will be closed down from morning until early evening for the festivities.  Entertainment includes music while local artists’ works will be on display and, as expected, the merchants will have their finest wares on display on tables just outside their shop doors. Shoppers can grab a bite to eat for lunch, children delight in cones of homemade ice cream and everyone loves homemade fudge from the sweet shop.

Not only is it a fun day out with family and friends, but it’s a great way to support these mom and pop businesses that work hard to thrive among the chain stores that have phased out so many of them. Supporting these small businesses helps towns like this one remain a tight knit community and a wonderful place to call home.

What does your town do to help keep their community strong?






4 thoughts on “Small Towns and Fridays”

  1. I do live in a smallish town and the weekends bring so many folks down to the Main Street. It’s kind of a mid-sized town, but we really act like a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is super friendly. We have a gazebo with concerts and you really can’t go anyplace without finding a common thread. Gossip spreads easily (small town set-back?). I’ve never been happier living any place, though. Enjoyed the post!

    1. Sharon, I live in a large town but spend a lot of time in the neighboring village. I LOVE the small town feel. I love that everyone knows
      everyone and that when I go into a shop the owner takes time to chat with me. Sure, they want the sale but they take the time to make small
      talk and get to know you. Don’t know about the gossip but I don’t live there so who knows? Still, my heart lives in a small town and I hope
      someday to be able to live in a small town. For now I’ll just have to make do reading stories set in them.

  2. I live in a suburb of a large city, and there are lots of smaller communities nearby. I love the sense of community and belonging – not to mention the peacefulness – of small towns. Nice feature!

    1. That’s what I love too, Patricia. The sense of community and belonging. I think as humans that touches on one of our basic needs – to belong somewhere.
      And it is so peaceful in this little village. It’s a breath of fresh air and a great escape from the noise and busyness of where I live. Thank you for the nice words. Thanks for stopping by and hope to ‘see’ you here again soon!

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