Nostalgic Monday

If you were here on Friday (and if you weren’t you can catch up here I was talking about my passion – life in small towns. Which led to my talking about my favorite village’s preparations for their annual sidewalk sale. On Saturday I my daughter and I headed back there for the sidewalk sale. I can’t remember the last time I had such a wonderful afternoon.

The sale takes place on a stretch of two blocks. Picture the letter T and that’s the general layout of the area where the stores are located in the village. Almost every store within that T had a table or two in front of their shop windows, overflowing with goodies and specials for this day. With so many great sales being offered I knew there would be no way I could go home empty handed. Our first stop was the gift shop where my daughter found a beautiful necklace made from blue sea glass. Sea glass and anything nautical can be found throughout the shops in this village that is only a mile or so away from the bay. The next stop was a frame shop where both my daughter and I made some wonderful finds. I have to say I enjoyed chit chatting with the shop owners as much as I did buying our assorted treasures. As a photographer she is always on the lookout for pictures that speak to her. She found a wonderful canvas with a gorgeous picture of the sun setting over the bay seen from a wonderful old fashioned porch. I found a miniature  lighthouse, perfect for my desk as I write my next novel that takes place in and around a somewhat neglected lighthouse.

But the most exciting find of all was the tent where an artist was selling pottery and stoneware. I can’t explain it. I’ve never had an interest before but a royal blue bowl just caught my eye. And I stopped. There was something about the way that bowl felt. The smooth surface, the sturdy dependable weight of it. It spoke to me. Which immediately made me think of that Pier 1 commercial when they say “Find what speaks to you”. Yup. It was speaking loud and clear and I was buying. It didn’t stop there. There was a blue vase and a blue mug. I had to pick them up and hold them. Maybe it’s my artist side (I also design jewelry in my spare time) but I have to touch and hold something. If it feels right it is right. You guessed it. I walked away with 3 pieces of pottery. I think I’ve found my new obsession.

I’ve started my summer bucket list. Nothing too crazy. Nothing too exciting, but I’ve always wanted to eat at this quaint little luncheonette in the village. I’ve lived ten minutes away for twenty-four years and I’ve yet to eat there. And so we did. It took me back. Back to my childhood when my parents would take my brother and I to Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor in Richmond Hill, New York. The old fashioned tile floors, the wooden booths and the menu posted high on the wall. The luncheon counter with bright red upholstered stools. I would have sit there to eat but my daughter wanted a booth. Next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time. It’s crossed off my bucket list but I will most definitely be going back. Just look at this special little dinette!

After lunch we were feeling pretty full – both our stomachs and our arms. Our wallets? Not so much. But I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. From the warm, homey atmosphere at the dinette to the chit chat with the friendly shop owners I felt like I had gone down memory lane to those summers I spent in Nantucket or any of the small Massachusetts towns my family summered in. I loved going in and out of all the tiny gift shops with my grandmother, looking through wicker baskets filled with shells and rubber sea animals as she chatted with the shop owners. This past Saturday brought me back to some of the fondest memories I have. Unearthed such wonderful warm memories that had been buried for so long. 

What have you done lately that has taken you down memory lane?



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  1. This brings back memories for me as well. I moved to a small town when I was 15 from Denver, Colorado and it was a shock at first, but I began to feel like I had lived there my whole life. Love the small town stories. Great job!

    1. Tonya, that’s a rough age in life to move but you obviously did well. Glad to hear you’re a fan of small town stories too. Thanks for the nice
      words. Hope you’ll come back again soon!

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