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Welcome to Writer Wednesday! If you’re a writer, you might want to consider making this post a weekly visit. I’ll be talking about everything and anything to do with the writing life. And I’d love for you to chime in and tell me what you’d like to talk about when it comes to the writing life.

If you’ve been to my website before, you’ll know that my debut book, A Husband for Danna, released in 2014. I write sweet romance as well as inspirational romance. AHD was my first sweet novel to be published. I say first because in just a few short months, the sequel to AHD, A Wife for Humphrey, will be released. I like to compare the writing life to hiking – there are those spots where the trail is wide open and it’s smooth terrain. And then there are those troubling spots where the terrain might get a bit bumpy and you’ll need to clear those obstacles. Obstacles for writers can be extensive edits, deleting entire passages and chapters, changes in deadlines and any number of issues that arise during the process of bringing a book to life. Everyone loves a wide open, smooth rock free trail. Me too. But if I  had to pick my favorite part of the process I would have to say hands down it’s the designing of the book’s cover.

I’m now at that point in the process where it’s time to design the cover for A Wife for Humphrey. The cover artist I work with is wonderful. Shortly after signing the contract, my publisher (the amazing Clean Reads) sends authors a form to to fill out with all the details of what they envision for their cover. By the time I fill out this form, I’ve already got a clear picture of what I want my cover to look like. What amazes me is the ability the artist, Cora of Cora Graphics (https://www.facebook.com/CoraGraphicsBookCovers/?fref=ts), has in translating my desires into just the right picture. It was so much fun searching for pictures of a few very special items that are at the heart of this sweet story. I can’t think of anything more fun than putting together this cover – well except maybe working on a movie version of this story. Hey, you never know!

If you’re published, tell me what your favorite part of the publishing journey is. If you’re not published yet, tell me what about writing makes your heart sing and keeps you at your keyboard.

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