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Welcome to the new addition to my blog, Friday Reads. On Fridays I will post a little bit about what I’m reading, have read or have added to my TBR (to be read) list. This is just a casual laid back day and I hope you’ll jump in and share about the books in your life. I’d love to hear about the book(s) you’re reading and any recommendations you have for me.

Let’s start! I am avid reader of sweet and inspirational romance. One of my guilty pleasures is picking up all 6 Love Inspired releases each month. I have piles of them! And I don’t necessarily read in order. The one I just finished a few days ago is titled Alaskan Sanctuary by Teri Wilson. I believe it’s a January release but again, I don’t read them in order. Sometimes it’s the back blurb that grabs me and I can’t let go. Sometimes the cover is just irresistible. For this book it was both. Take a look at that cover!

Alaskan Sanctuary

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m not a big fan of winter or snow but it’s just so beautiful! And because purple is my favorite color those flowers caught my eye too. Teri Wilson is a gifted writer.  I’ve read Teri’s books that are part of the Alaska series from Love Inspired, but this book is my all time favorite. It’s so good it’s worth a second read. I called it unique on Goodreads because how many books have you read that a)take place in Alaska b)involve a wolf sanctuary and c)isn’t a and b enough? The characters Piper Quinn and Ethan Hale are alive in the pages. I loved them both. I loved the wolves and now find myself wondering where I can see these beautiful creatures in person. And the setting. Though I don’t think I’ll be going to Alaska any time soon, Teri Wilson’s talent with description makes it easy to picture the  setting and see yourself there. The descriptive language in this book is exquisite. If I could have given it a 6 star  rating at Goodreads I would have.

So this is my first Friday read. I hope you’ll consider picking up this first book and let me know what you think. What are you reading now? What book would you recommend I read next?

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